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This event include, training sessions following the format of workshops, Master Class, keynotes and live demonstrations with the highest quality and practical interest to the audience, in order to present the best about the business process management concepts and about the technology that it supports.

For this edition 2013 we are going to propose two simultaneous workshops about BPM methodology and technological topics. At the same time will be enable a room to host the demo sessions about innovative solutions on the market today. All these solutions will have a clear focus on the everyday practice of the companies and business users.






Process improvement methodologies
Decision tree



Business users oriented
Learn to Diagram Business Processes with BPMN Standard

The registration to attend the workshops is FREE (but following the rule "first come, first served", until full capacity allowed in the room) The assistance to the demo solutions sessions will be open and free of charge.

We have 10 seats (each workshop) specialy reserved for researcher and doctoral students. To request a workshop special pass for researchers, please contact to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

These activities will be presented by first class speakers and renowned coaches, as well as major Companies of the BMP technology and other software companies to support in the daily management of the processes in organizations.


Workshop 1

About BPM methodologies for improving processes: Process Improvement methodologies - decision tree
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Workshop 2

About BPM technology for business users:
Learn to Diagram Business Processes with BPMN Standard
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To send a request for attending a Workshop for free, please Click here and complete the form with the following SUBJECT, depending of the workshop desired:  WORKSHOP 1 or WORKSHOP 2


Demo sessions 

To hear from the technology, services and solutions experts

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Demo solutions



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