Awards Eastern Europe 2013

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To position your company or your organization for success , is demonstrated that you need the ability to continually optimize and align business processes to meet changing business needs for greater performance, competitive advantage and to drive growth and innovate.

The companies and organizations finalist and award-winning case studies will be included in the publication "BPM EE-book: the best practices around the Eastern Europe" (biannual publication).

The end-user, service provider and their respective teams will achieve a significant recognition both regional and globally, and at the same time, this positive impact to their corporations will include to increased revenues, more productive and satisfied employees, product enhancements, better customer service and quality improvements.

The Eastern Europe BPM Awards are granted in cooperation with KPC-Group, s.r.o and CIO Council. In the Jury we will have representatives from the major BPM consulting and training companies and prominent BPM personalities.

The Advisory Board of the BPM Eastern Europe Summit 2013 have selected a group of distinguished experts from the eastern European BPM sector as members of the evaluator committee for the nominees' selection of the Awards 2013.

Among those members of the jury we can highlight personalities such as, Felix Enescu (Executive Partner at Gartner), Cristian Ivanus (Romanian Chapter of the Association of BPM Professionals International), Constantin Stan (Lean Six Sigma International Association) or George Dobrea (Chapter President of The International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners - Romania).

For this edition of the awards has been conceived a structure comprising two categories. The Awards Open Competition, where companies and organizations which, freely present their project as a case study or an academic paper, to be valued by an expert jury.

NEW! Deadline to submit the Cases Studies (or academic papers) with the information requested is 18th November 2013 until 12.00 hours (UTC+2) to this email address:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  The Evaluation Committee will announce personally the applicants selected as finalists before the event.


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